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Hall China Company

The Hall China Company was founded by Robert Hall in East Liverpool, Ohio, USA in 1903. The next year, Robert Taggert Hall, the son of the founder began investigating the process of developing a glaze that would make it possible to fire ware in one single firing. The history books stated that it had been done in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) but the process and formulae had been lost. His dream was to change from the two-firing manufacturing method; one firing to harden the ware and a second firing to set the glaze to the ware. With the help of staff chemists and ceramic engineers, Hall experimented during seven years, when he and his staff came up with a glaze recipe that finally worked. The new process fused together the white body, color and glaze when it was fired at a temperature of 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit (1,315 degrees Celsius). 

The new glazes allowed the creation of brilliant colors never seen on American ceramic products before. No fewer than 47 colors were developed for the new process, which allowed for rapid expansion of the company and its product selection.